Frequently asked questions

How can I find out if a specific journal is part of an open access agreement with prepaid APC's? You can search for journals in the Open Access/APC Checker Tool. If you find the journal you also find more information about the agreement for that particular journal.

I can't find the journal that I what to submit my manuscript to, what then? You could always double check with the library, we strive to keep the APC checker tool fully updated but there are frequent changes to the titles included. If the journal is not included in any of the agreements you can choose to publish your article behind paywall or pay the APC yourself if the journal offers open access publishing or you can self archive the article.

What do I need to do to take part in the agreements? You can see what requirements there are for each agreement.

How do I know which license to choose? In the open access policy at KI the CC BY-license is recommended. You can see which licensing options each publisher offers on the agreement pages. You can also read about what the different licenses mean. You can usually choose which license you want to use.

I don't understand what I need to do to avoid paying the APC myself? Each publisher has their own workflow for publications and each publisher often have very useful author guides that will help you through the process. You can also contact the publisher if you have questions or contact us at the library and we will help you.

Why do I need to use my KI email address when submitting my manuscript to the publisher? It facilitates for the publisher to identify you as affiliated to KI. This means you get in the right track from the beginning, making the whole process easier.

I no longer have a KI email address, my affliation is no longer valid, what do I do then? If the research resulting in an article has been conducted at KI it does not matter that you are no longer affiliated. Just state that the research belongs to KI and you will end up in the right track eventually, if you encounter any problems contact the library.

I have received an invoice for "page charges"/"colour charges" or something similar, should I have to pay that? It is not uncommon that publishers take extra charges for colour prints and the like. These charges are typically not included in the agreements and will have to be paid by the author.

Is it easier to get an article published in an open access journal than in a subscription journal? The short answer is no, please read about the benefits of publishing open access earlier on this web page.