Open licence for your publication (CC BY)

According to KI's policy for open access KI researchers have to choose an open licence, e.g. CC BY-licence for their publications. "CC BY" is the licence that is recommended but also "CC BY-SA" and "CC0" could be used where motivated.

When publishing your article open access

Creative commons licences are almost always used when publishing scientific articles open access. There are seven different varieties and the National Library of Sweden has made a compilation of them on the web page Creative Commons for researchers.

Graphic of CC licences, from open to least open
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The seven Creative Commons licences are on a scale from open to more restrictive. In the open access policy, KI has selected the most permitting licences, and recommends the "CC BY" variant. It means that anyone may use, process and distribute your article (or part of it) as long as you are mentioned as the author. You must also retain the copyright to the article.

Advantages with the "CC BY" variant

  • It allows a wider spread than other Creative Commons licences
  • It is the variant that most research funders recommend or require
  • It allows text mining
  • It causes no troubles with collaboration with privately funded research
  • The material can be used in course packs that are part of courses that the university charges money for
  • The text can be translated to other languages.

When self-archiving in an open repository

It is not common to use open licences for manuscripts. The demands are rather about which version of the manuscript that should be put in KI's open archive. According to KI's policy for open access it should be the final Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) that should be used. More information about self-archiving of your manuscript can be found on the page E-publishing and self-archiving in KI Open Archive.

Research funders' requirements

We have listed information from available sites where research funders recommend their choice of open licence when you publish your article open access in a journal. Most research funders recommend (or require) the "CC BY" variant, but to be certain you can contact the funders directly.

Formas, Forte and Vinnova are members of cOAlition S. You can read more about which licenses to choose on the web page Principles and Implementation. Part I: The Plan S Principles

Policy for open access at KI

To publish your article open access is a part of the open access policy at KI. Read the policy and a summary of all the things to have in mind to follow the policy.

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Publication support

Contact us with questions regarding open access, KI's publishing agreements, bibliometrics, publishing in KI Open Archive and strategic publishing. 

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