Workshop: iThenticate – a plagiarism detection software

In this workshop we will show you how the iThenticate works, how to upload a document and basic things about interpreting the report. The workshop will be held from a software-oriented perspective. If you want to learn more on how to use sources effectively and transparently in order to improve your academic writing, check out our workshop "Using sources effectively and avoiding plagiarism"

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If you are a doctoral student or doctoral supervisor at KI you can access iThenticate which is a plagiarism detection program. Literature reviews during half-time and theses summaries at KI are uploaded to iThenticate, and the results are analyzed. Many journals are also using this or similar plagiarism detection software.   

This workshop is for doctoral students and researchers at KI. It is held in English but we also speak Swedish.

The workshop is free but you need to register. 

Please note

To maintain the best possible quality of our workshops, we have a limited number of participants – please make sure you unsubscribe if you can't make it! Your registration is handled in our booking system where you also unsubscribe. 


Anja Vikingson