Publish and share research data - an overview

Expectations of publishing and making research data available are rising. The situation with COVID-19 has accelerated the process. Both publishers and funders often require a reference to the underlying data when your article is published. Even when your manuscript undergoes a peer review, the underlying data can be requested.

Since the autumn of 2020 a new service, the Data Access Unit (DAU), has been established at the Karolinska Institutet University Library (KIB). We are a team with different competences and our task is to support you as a researcher and employee at KI in the process of publishing and sharing your research data.

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Do you need to know more about how to publish or share research data? The Data Access Unit (DAU) at the library offers tailor-made workshops on the subject for KI's research groups and departments. A number of fixed, digital opportunities per semester are also offered for researchers and doctoral students to register for. All workshops are held in English.

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Cite and refer to research data

Citing data means referring to a published collection of research data in the same way as you do for journal articles, reports, conference papers and other publications. A reference to a published data collection should include sufficient information to be able to find the correct version.

DataCite and CrossRef have developed a tool: DOI Citation Formatter where you can choose the style of citation. A citation to data should include sufficient information for others to be able to find the correct version of data.

The citation must contain:

  • Principal investigator(s) / organisation 
  • Title
  • Year
  • Version
  • Data repository
  • DOI

To refer to datasets, use the library's reference guides for APA & Vancouver 

DataCite, Cite your data 

Tracing data: data citation roadmap for Finland 

Licenses for research data

In order for research data that has been made openly available to be reusable, the material needs to be assigned with a license. A license provides information about what is allowed to do with the dataset and what is not allowed. Creative Commons and Open Data Commons licenses are commonly used open licenses for research data.

Read more about Licenses, embargoes and restrictions for research data at the Swedish National Data Service.


Documentation of research data and analyzes improves the conditions for the analyzes to be reproducible. This allows both you and your research group members and others to repeat the analyzes and arrive at the same results.

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Gustav Nilsonne

Researcher and coordinator

Contact DAU

Do you think this sounds complicated and want to know more? You are always welcome to contact us with your questions at the Data Access Unit (DAU). You are also welcome to register to our workshops, current workshops are advertised in our calendar.

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Data Access Unit

The Data Access Unit at the University Library helps you making research data available and open access where applicable. We're part of Research Data Office (RDO) at KI.