Using KI's computers and software

Computers that can be used by KI students and employees are located in the library and in the computer rooms. There is also software made available by KI, either through the computers or by downloading. On this page, you'll find information about the software that you can use as a KI student, in instances where Student IT manages the licenses. On the page Digital tools and services for students you'll find information about all the services provided by KI. If you are an employee (including doctoral students) you'll find all the information you need on the page IT and telephony

By logging in to the computers, you sign the Agreement for the utilization of IT resources.

Some computers can be used by all visitors. Look for the sign at the computer that indicates this, or ask the staff and they will show you. All other computers are only for KI affiliated.

As a KI student, you use your student account to log in (that is, the same login credentials that you use to access for example Canvas), and as an employee, you use your KI login to log in. As an external visitor, you use the details you receive when you obtain a library account from the library.

Your home catalogue

As a student at KI you can access your documents saved in the catalogue connected to your student login from home or the wireless network. The home catalogue can be found on H:, click on the icon on the desktop containing your user name. We recommend that you work with your documents through your home catalogue since we do daily backups and can secure that nothing is lost.

If you have saved a document on a USB stick or your e-mail, you need to make sure to save a copy to your home catalogue and work with the document from that location.

Software on the computers

The following programs are available in our basic offering. The programs are available on all computers in the library and in all computer rooms:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Shockwave player
  • Chimera
  • Dietist XP
  • Edge - browser
  • Google Chrome - browser
  • Internet Explorer - browser
  • Jamovi
  • MS Office (Access, Excel, InfoPath, One Note, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word)
  • MS Office Spelling (Swedish & English)
  • MS Windows 10 X64 (operating system))
  • NCBI Cn3D - 3D plug-in
  • Normal Walking
  • PuTTY - ssh client
  • Quicktime Player - for music and movies on internet
  • R for Windows
  • Safe Exam Browser (available in the computer rooms)
  • Slicer
  • SPSS
  • SyraBas
  • TorTalk
  • 7 Zip - to "unzip" files
In the resource rooms there are computers with customised programs for reading disabilities.

Software to download


KI gives students access to the Affinity design software suite (Photo, Designer and Publisher) that you can install on your own computer. Student IT handles the licenses for students. 

Read more and download Affinity


KI offers students licens to SPSS Statistics. You can install it on your own computer. Student IT handles the licenses for students. 

Read more and download SPSS


KI offers students license to text-to-speech program TorTalk that you install on your own computer.

Read more and download TorTalk

Email settings

It is important that you read both the email you have registered in Ladok and your student email. Important emails can be sent to both addresses. If you do not check your student email, make sure you forward it to your private email.

Instructions on how to forward emails or read your email on a smartphone.

Photo of a computer and hands pointing at the screen.

Student IT

If you have questions on IT related issues you can contact Student IT. 

Phone & email

Mon - Fri: 8:00-16:00
Sat - Sun: Closed
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