The library's workshops, courses and seminars

KIB offers workshops, courses and seminars for students, doctoral students and researchers at KI in areas such as information retrieval, reference management, scientific publishing and academic writing. The workshops are usually given in English, but the staff also speak Swedish. See the calendar for times and registration. We also organise workshops and courses "on demand", let us know what you're interested in.

Workshops for doctoral students and researchers

During the semester, KIB offers a series of workshops open to all doctoral students and researchers at KI. The workshops are held in English but the staff also speak Swedish. See the calendar for times and registration.

Writing Science and Information Literacy (WSIL)

KIB offers the course Writing Science and Information Literacy for doctoral students at KI. The course, equivalent to 3 credit points, is given three times each term, two on campus and one online. The content of the course revolves around how to structure, write, format and publish scientific texts. Registration through the KI course catalogue.

Courses in systematic reviews

KI offers two courses in systematic reviews for researchers, where the Search consultation group is teaching the methods. 

Workshops for Master's students

KIB offers an open workshop series on academic communication that is designed to help KI's Master's students get the most out of their studies. The workshops are offered on campus and / or as webinars. All workshops are held in English, but the workshop leaders also speak Swedish. You will find dates and times in the calendar.

Contact persons for teaching

Are you a teacher at a programme/course? You can order a course/workshop for your students, please contact the contact person for your programme who will be happy to tell you more about what the library offers.

Student visiting the information desk in Solna.

Contact the library

You are welcome to contact us through phone, chat or email.

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