Guidance in information searching & reference management

Are you looking for scientific articles or writing references and need advice on how to go about it? If you are a student or employed at KI, you can get drop-in support from our librarians. More advanced issues may require a booked consultation. 

Drop-in support

If you are a students or doctoral student at KI, you can visit our drop-in support and get help based on your questions. You can get help searching the literature or managing your references.

Drop-in with librarians in Zoom
Two students in front of a computer.

Drop-in with librarians in Zoom

KIB's drop-in quick guidance online via Zoom where you can get help with searching scientific literature and managing references. The password is KIB.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 12:00-14:00
Sat - Sun: Closed

Booked consultations for students

As a student at Karolinska Institutet, you can book a one-hour consultation in information searching. For the time being, all guidance takes place via Zoom. During a meeting, a librarian can help you find appropriate keywords, structure the search strategy and select databases for your topic. We can also support you in the use of reference managing in EndNote Online and Zotero, though that support does not extend to technical problems. Please contact EndNote Online’s own support or Zoteros own support if you experience technical issues.

  • You must book your appointment at least two days in advance. 
  • We recommend that you take a look at the web page Searching for information before the meeting.
  • Please cancel any booked consultation you cannot attend so that someone else can book it instead.

Booked consultations for researchers/doctoral students

If you are a researcher or doctoral student at KI, you can book a consultation in various matters regarding information retrieval or reference managing. For the time being, all guidance takes place via Zoom.


You can also attend workshops in information searching and reference management held by the library.

Last updated: 2022-01-10