The library gives you access to course books, scientific articles from journals, databases and books, and also other types of services that can be useful for your studies and research. Most of the material is available online and can be accessed from home if you are affiliated to KI.

Our library is a public library and people who are not affiliated to KI are also welcome to borrow books. You can also access e-books, databases and e-journals in the library.

Access via reSEARCH

Via reSEARCH, the search box on the library's startpage, you can access practically all the material that is available through the library. The things you can find here include:

  • Books printed books and e-books.
  • Articles journal articles and articles in encyclopaedias.
  • Journals
  • Theses

Read more about reSEARCH.

Accessing specific search services – KIB Finder

In KIB Finder you can browse and access the library's information resources. Here, you will find:

  • Databases – browse the library's databases by subject or alphabetically
  • Journals – search for a journal using word(s) from the title
  • Apps – the library highly recommends this!
  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Reading e-books

Many of our e-books are available in PDF format and can easily be read on both PCs and mobile devices. Two exceptions are the books from Ebook Central and Thieme, that are DRM-protected. In order to download and read them offline, you need an Adobe ID and a special e-book reader. If you are using a computer, we recommend that you read our DRM-protected e-books online in your browser for full functionality. But if you want to read on a mobile device, it may be better to download the e-book, even if it is only possible to download the book for a limited time. For more information on how to download the library’s DRM-protected books, go to Download e-books with a limited loan period.

All the library's e-books are searchable in reSEARCH, but it is also possible to go directly to the different vendors' e-book platforms.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

If you cannot find a book or article via reSEARCH or KIB Finder, you can ask the library to order it from another library for you, if you are a student or employee at KI. Please note that we do not borrow material that can be found at libraries in the Stockholm area.

If a recently published book is missing in the library collections or if you think the library should subscribe to a specific journal or database, you can submit a purchase suggestion. Please note that we usually buy the material in electronic form whenever possible. Course books are purchased after being ordered by course directors.

The library doesn't have subscriptions to everyhing, so it might be good to know that there are some alternative ways to access material. Please read the blog post that describes how to get articles from Elsevier, an agreement that the library terminated in July 2018.

The University Library guides you to alternative ways to access articles published by Elsevier after July 1st.

Terms of use

You are entitled to use the library's resources for your own, non-commercial studies and research.

Generally speaking, you are allowed to

  • Print off and copy single documents
  • Download single documents
  • Send single documents to yourself

You are not allowed to

  • Systematically download or print off parts of or entire e-journals and e-books
  • Upload or spread copyrighted articles
  • Sell or pass on contents

The use of e-journals, e-books and databases is regulated though contracts with each respective publisher/supplier; the terms of use can therefore vary somewhat depending on the publisher/supplier in question. Often, you will find information about the terms that apply to a specific e-journal/e-book when you open it. If there is any term of use that you want to query, please contact the library.

Swedish copyright legislation, the Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works (1960:729), applies to the library's printed materials. In practice, that means you are allowed to copy limited parts of books and journals but never a complete work.

Read more about copyright

Remote access

As a student or employee at KI, you can access the library's e-journals, databases and e-books no matter where you are. If you are outside KI's network, you will be asked to log in before you can access the resource; then you use your ordinary KI login. 

If you use KI’s central VPN service (this is only for you as an employee at KI) when working away from the university, you will have direct access to the library's electronic resources with no extra login.

If you are not linked to KI, you can access the library's e-journals, databases and e-books from the computers inside the library building.

Log in faster with a bookmark

Use the library's bookmark for faster access to journals when you are outside the KI network.

1. Add link below as a bookmark in your browser, simply drag and drop it to the bookmarks bar:

KIB Proxy

2. Once you have found a resource that you wish to access, click on the bookmark, reload the page and you will be prompted to log in with your KI-login / student account.

Problems accessing articles or other resources?

A simple solution might be that you need to clear web history and cache. Instruction on how to clear web history.

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