Resource rooms

The library provides resource rooms with special equipment for you with some form of reading disability. To book the resource rooms you need a certificate from Karolinska Institutet's coordinator for students with disabilities. If you want to book a resource room for an exam, ask the responsible teacher to contact the library. If you want an individual demonstration of the software, please book a demonstration.

  • There are two resource rooms: one in Flemingsberg and one in Solna. At Campus Flemingsberg, the room is located inside the University Library on Alfred Nobels allé 8. At Campus Solna the resource room is located on floor 3 (one floor up) inside the library at Berzelius väg 7 B (enter the building via Berzelius väg 3 or 9, and then use the stairs or elevator in the stairwell near the medical bookshop in order to reach floor 3).
  • The room can be booked a maximum of 8 hours at a time and a maximum of three months in advance.
  • The resource rooms are open every day 7:00-22:00. Outside of regular opening hours you enter the library building using your KI card and PIN code. Open the door to the resource room with your KI card. Read more about visiting the library during extended opening hours.
  • It is possible to work in groups in the room, but at least one person must have a certificate from the coordinator.
  • You book the resource rooms with your student account.
  • If the room is needed for examination that will be prioritised. It can be booked for an entire day. Book the resource room for exams.
  • You need to start using the room at the very latest half an hour after the booked time has started. This does not apply to examination sessions.
  • Use your student account to log in to the computers.

Services and software available in the resource rooms

  • Stava Rex - spelling correction program that corrects spelling and grammatical errors in Swedish text, specially developed for people with dyslexia. Spell Rex works with all Office applications (Word, Powerpoint, Excel). You will find it in the menu in each program under the heading Oribi.
  • SpellRight - spelling corrector which corrects spelling and grammatical errors in the English text, specially developed for people with dyslexia. SpellRight works with all Office applications (Word, Powerpoint, Excel). You will find it in the menu in each program under the heading Oribi.
  • EasyReader - ureader for digital talking books in DAISY format.
  • EasyConverter - software that converts text to speech (audio files). You can convert from PDF, Word, HTML, etc. to audio files (MP3 and DAISY), large print and Braille. It is also possible to scan printed text directly into the Easy Converter.
  • ViTal - reading program that reads text from Word, web pages and more. Also features Talking Keyboard.
  • ZoomText - enlargement program that magnifies text up to 36 times. Ability to change the color of text and background.
  • Wordfinder2000 - language dictionary
  • WordfinderPro - language dictionaries in medicine
  • Quicktionary WordPoint - translation software with pronunciation help
  • Finereader Pro7 - OCR software for processing of digitized / scanned documents
  • Text magnifier
  • TorTalk - Text-to-speech synthesis
Student visiting the information desk in Solna.

Contact the library

You are welcome to contact us through phone, chat or email.

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Sat - Sun: Closed
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