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The library has signed several open access publishing agreements where the publishing fee is either reduced or fully prepaid for KI researchers who publish open access.

If you should publish your article open access or not is one of the things you need to consider before you choose a journal to send your manuscript to.  

Search for journals where you can publish open access without fees

In this search box you can search for a specific journal title to see if it is included in an open access agreement with prepaid publishing fees. If a journal is included you will find a link to more information about the agreement and author instructions.

Please note that:

  • You need to be the corresponding author.
  • You need to be affiliated with KI and you should also state this in the article.
  • Use your email address ending with and enter Karolinska institutet as your institution to facilitate identification.

Publishers with pre-paid publishing fees

Publishers and journals offering discounts

The library also has agreements that give researchers at Karolinska Institutet discounts on the publishing fees they pay themselves.

  • Frontiers10 % discount on the article-processing fee when publishing with Frontiers until the end of 2020. The agreement includes all journals from the publisher. When you as corresponding author submit an article to any of the Frontiers journals, please select Karolinska Institutet in the ‘International Agreements’ section. It is mandatory to use your email address when identifying yourself, and please ensure that you provide your KI invoicing reference code (ZZ-code) in the ‘Your Reference’ field in order to get the applicable 10 % discount on the publication fee.
  • IOS-PressAt IOS-Press you will pay €1,200 instead of €1,850. You will have to inform the publisher that you are a KI researcher to get the discount.
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)If you choose to publish your article open access with PNAS, you will pay $1,300 instead of $1,700. You will have to inform PNAS that you are a KI researcher to get the discount. Here you will find more information om PNAS and open access.
  • SAGE- SAGE offers a 20 % discount on the publishing charge in their fully open access journals. When you as a corresponding author get your article accepted in any of the fully OA journals you use SOAP (SAGE Open Access Portal) and the APC will be discounted automatically. 

Self-archiving of a manuscript

Another way of publishing open access is to put the article manuscript on the internet at the same time as it is being published in a traditional, subscription-based journal, so-called self-archiving. Most research funders who stipulate open access will approve that as open publication and it is generally the last version of the manuscript that must be used, i.e. the version that has gone through the peer review process.

Making an article manuscript public in this way means the research findings are spread to a wider circle of readers and it can also be a way of attracting people to read the proper, published article.

So what can you do with your manuscript? It depends on who has published the article. Some publishers stipulate that a manuscript cannot be made public until after a certain period of time, usually after six or twelve months, while others allow it to be made public straight away. The search service Sherpa/RoMEO can be used to find out specific publishers' policies as regards the self-archiving of a manuscript. You can search for a specific journal and see what terms apply.


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