Agreement for the utilization of IT resources

Karolinska Institutet (KI) makes a number of computers available to students. These are intended to address training assignments and for individual technical data, or other, standing. Computer resources, computer, equipment and accounts owned and operated by KI and is intended for the KI activities authorized. All other activities are only permissible when ordinary activities are not disrupted the activity does not violate the rules listed on this page the activity does not conflict with departmental rules, KI's regulations, SUNET's rules or applicable law.

Karolinska Institute reserves the right interpretation of local rules and regulations. KI reserves the right to change the rules and regulations for the use of the institution's IT resources.

For holders of account applies

  • Account and associated resources shall be used only by the authorized account holder. With the authorized account holder means a student who is registered with the KI and assigned to the account.
  • By logging in to assigned accounts, understand and accept these regulations and the holder agree to abide by them.
  • Account holder must be informed of the rules governing the use of KI's computer system.
  • Careless use and failure to comply with these regulations and instructions controllers can cause loss of beneficial use of KI's computer, network and system resources, and disciplinary action and / or criminal penalties.
  • The password for the account must be kept secret.
  • It is not allowed to transfer or lend personal access cards and passwords.
  • Your account is temporary and will end when the studies, project or similar ends. KI has the right to disable accounts that are not used in six months if no other agreement exists.

For use of KI's computer, network and system resources

  • Destructive to the system or other users, and intrusions or attempted intrusions into systems, locally as well as on systems outside the KI, is prohibited.
  • It is not allowed to use bugs and misconfiguration, or by other methods, try to acquire enhanced system rights or powers other than those systems staff had distributed.
  • Detected errors, defects, irregularities, irregularities or other problems should be reported to the system.
  • It is not allowed to install or delete programs or change the data on local hard drives (the exception is temporary storage that may be specified in the library, such as temperature, during operation).
  • It is not allowed, that the KI's IT resources, store and / or dissemination of pornographic or other offensive material.
  • It is not allowed to block or to reserve a workstation (eg using the 'Lock Computer') not in active use.
  • It is not allowed to connect their own equipment in active connection in the common computer rooms.
  • It is not allowed to use the institution's common computer resources for the game (except for instructor-led games or games that are included in the instruction).
  • Ingestion of food and drink are not allowed in the common computer rooms.
  • Commercial use of KI's computer resources is prohibited unless otherwise agreed.
  • KI reserves the right to restrict the ability to publish and distribute material through KI's equipment. 

Ethical rules and guidelines

The use of KI's computer, when and system resources must SUNET's ethical rules. Use contrary to SUNET's ethical rules is not allowed.

SUNET condemns as unethical when someone:

  • trying to access network resources without having the right to
  • trying to hide his / her identity
  • try to interfere with or disrupt the use of the networks
  • clearly wastes available resources (personnel, hardware or software)
  • trying to disrupt the computer-based information
  • infringing the privacy of others
  • trying to insult or humiliate others.

Sanctions and measures in cases of misdemeanor

  • KI report any violations of these regulations and any applicable laws, which may lead to suspension from the account holder's studies and / or criminal penalties.
  • To manage the daily operations, and verify that these regulations are complied with, the system operators to the area of responsibility without prior notice monitor the KI's system and verify the contents of traffic, data or other items that are stored or are in transit.
  • KI has the right to the founded suspicion of preventing access to KI's computer, when and system
  • resources.

These rules apply to every student who intends to use the Institute's computers while they are entered at the Karolinska Institute.