As a KI student, you have access to the text-to-speech program TorTalk that you install on your own computer. All students can download the program, but students who find it hard to read regular text might find it extra useful.

Follow these steps:

Register the license

Start by registering a license (KI students only).

When the registration is complete, you will receive an e-mail to your KI e-mail address with a registration code for the most current versions of TorTalk.

Prerequisite for running TorTalk (just for Windows users)

The following two programs (runtime for C++ 2010 and 2012) need to be installed on your computer. 

Download and install TorTalk

Download the relevant language package

Language packages for Windows

Language packages for Mac

User guides

Photo of a computer and hands pointing at the screen.

Student IT

If you have questions on IT related issues you can contact Student IT. 

Phone & email

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