KI gives students access to the Affinity design software suite (Photo, Designer and Publisher) that you can install on your own computer. Student IT handles the licenses for students. If you are an employee / doctoral student and wish to use Affinity, you must contact the licensing officer at your department to buy a license.


Get Affinity

  1. Register Affinity license (product key).

  2. Create an account at Affinity.

  3. Download a trial version of Affinity (download Photo, Designer and Publisher separately).

    Click on Buy now, and then Free trial. After the installment you'll get the question if you have a product key (license), answer "Yes" and enter the credentials given to you by Student-IT, an e-mailadress (please note, not your student-e-mail) and the product key from Göteborgs universitet (Gothenburg university) (The deal is managed by Göteborgs universitet).

  4. Done!

User guides

You'll find user guides to Affinity at their web site. KI and KIB does not offer usage support.


Last updated: 2021-11-19