Remote access

When you using a computer off campus, you must be recognized as a KI user in some other way, in order to access journals, databases and ebooks provided by the library. Here we have gathered tips on different ways to get remote access to the library's resources and what you can do when it does not work.

Please note that if you are not affiliated to KI, you can only access the library’s e-resources from the computers in the library.

Start your search on the library's website

When you start your search through the library's website, you will be asked to log in with your KI / student login when you try to open a database (for example Pubmed, Web of Science or Cinahl) or a full text article that is not free.

It is also beneficial to use the links at when you want to search databases which are freely available for everyone, such as Pubmed or Google Scholar, because then the link "Get it! @KI", that provides access to the articles that the library subscribes to, appears.

Library Access browser extension

The library's service Library Access is a browser extension that automatically checks if you can download an article via the library's subscriptions. If the library does not have a subscription, the extension will search for an open access version of the article; if that is not available, it will link to our order form.

Follow these steps to install Library Access to the browser on your computer:

  • Download Library Access to your browser. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera when using a computer (not tablet or mobile phone).
  • Install Library Access by following the instructions. Select Karolinska Institutet from the menu. If you allow pop-ups in your browser, it can inform you when you have access to articles behind pay walls.
  • Done! Now you can download articles from, for example, Pubmed or Google Scholar without first having to visit the library's website, even if they are published in journals that the library subscribes to. The grey icon in the browser's toolbar turns green when Library Access is active and has identified content that you can access either through the library or open access.

Add KI as your Google Scholar institution

When you go to Settings (which sometimes only display as a cogwheel icon) under the menu (the icon with three horizontal lines) in Google Scholar, Library links is one of the options you can choose. Here you can search for and add Karolinska Institutet, and other institutions which you possibly also belong to.

When you have done this the 'Get it!@KI' link shows next to the articles the library subscribes to, even if you did not use the library’s link to Google Scholar.

Use Browzine on your computer or mobile device

When you browse one of your favourite journals from your bookshelf in Browzine, you do not have to log in again when you want to read an article, download it for offline reading or export it to Endnote / Mendeley / Zotero. If you use Browzine on a tablet or mobile phone, you only need to update your login details every six months to keep your access to the subscribed journals from the library.

Troubleshooting and other tips

Have you done as described in any of the paragraphs above and still have problems accessing to an article? Perhaps these troubleshooting tips can help you.

Having trouble logging in with your KI or student account?

  • Do you only have problems when you try to log into the library's services? Please note that as a student you only have access to the library's e-resources as long as you are registered as an active student in Ladok.
  • Do you have problems with your account in general? Contact Student-IT or, if you are an employee, your IDAC administrator.

Do you get an error message or a completely white page instead of reaching the journal’s website?

  • Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies (Indiana University has compiled a useful guide on how you can do that in most browsers).
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the browser you are using.
  • Try another browser. Browser-related access problems tend to be more common in Internet Explorer and Edge than in, for example, Chrome or Firefox.

Did the full text link go to the correct journal, but not to the correct article?

  • Search the journal in reSEARCH (the search box at browse by year, volume and issue to find the article. Sometimes it is just the link that is the problem, not the access to the article itself.
  • Please report to even if you find the article, so we can fix the incorrect link.

Does it say No full text, or that the library does not have access?

  • Search for the journal in reSEARCH (the search box at and see if the journal should be available the year the article is published.
    • If we do not have access even though it says that we should have it, you should contact the library via chat, phone or e-mail, so we can solve the problem and help you get the article in another way.
    • If the article is from a year that our subscription does not cover, you can order a copy of the article through the library's order form. Employees, doctoral students and students writing undergraduate or master’s theses order article copies free of charge. Other students pay 100 kr per article.

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