Download e-books with a limited loan period

On this page you can find brief descriptions on how to download e-books for offline use from platforms that have a limited loan period.

It is only two of the library's e-book vendors that have added Digital Rights Management (DRM protection) to their e-books. When you download DRM-protected books for offline reading you might experience some limitations in usability, such as how long you can keep the book and if you can choose which app you want to open the book with.

The DRM protection only applies when you download an e-book, not when you choose to read the book online in your browser. If you want to make annotations or highlights in the texts online, you need to use a computer and log in with a personal account.

Ebook Central

Download a temporary loan (up to 21 days) of an entire e-book

  1. Create an Adobe IDif you don't already have one.
  2. Download Adobe Digital Editions to your device.
  3. Authorize the app with your Adobe Account.
  4. Find the e-book that you want to download(you can search all the library's e-books in reSEARCH).
  5. Choose Download Book to the left.
  6. Log in with your KI or student ID.
  7. Select the kind of device you are using.
  8. Click Done with this step, if you have installed Adobe Digital Editions.
  9. Sometimes you may choose between the PDF and Epub format or specify how many days you need the book for. (You may download the same book an unlimited number of times consecutively).
  10. Click Download
  11. Open the book in Adobe Digital Editions.
Note that all your notes and highlights will be lost when the loan expires.

Download a part of a book permanently

  1. Find the e-book that you want to download (you can search all the library's e-books in reSEARCH).
  2. Use the Download PDF Chapter link, to download an entire chapter directly.
  3. Select the chapter you want to download and click Download.
  4. Open the PDF in your preferred PDF reader.


Download single chapters permanently

Once you have opened the e-book in your browser you can download single chapters in PDF-format from there.

Download a book to your mobile device

  1. Download the MedOne app (iPhone/iPad and Android devices).
  2. Create a MedOne Access from home account either directly via the Home Access button in the app or via MedOne in your browser. Note that you have to do this from a device connected to the KI wifi.
  3. Log in to the app with your MedOne Account.
  4. Find the e-book that you want to download.
  5. Click Download.
  6. Now you can read the e-book even if you are offline, but you can't make any notes or highlights in the app.
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