More on open access

Here we have gathered some background information about open access. We also have definitions of common terms related to open access and answers to frequent questions.

About open access

The basic thought of open access is that all publicly funded research should be freely accessible to everybody. Open access publishing means that authors publish their research results in a way that makes them open to read to everyone without any cost.

Open access illustration
Inspiration from Benefits of Open Access, CC Danny Kingsley & Sarah Brown.

Benefits of publishing open access

  • You get more citations. An article published open access attracts more readers and citations than an equivalent article in a journal behind a paywall, according to several studies.
  • You get faster dissemination of your research results.
  • You fulfill eventual open access mandates from research funders.
  • Publishing fees/APC’s are in many cases prepaid, KI participate in several such agreements with publishers.

Common definitions and FAQ:s

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Publication support

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Last updated: 2021-11-25