Welcome to the library's new website, which was launched on 23 August

Published: 2021-08-20

Celebration time! We are very happy to present our new website which was launched on 23 August 2021. When you visit our website kib.ki.se after 23 August, it will look a little different, but hopefully you will not be lost.

Screen shot library web page

We have been working with the new website for some time now and we aim to become more seamless with our parent site ki.se. We also want to make it easy to find the right service by offering several different paths to our services.

The project group has been working entirely online, which has been a challenge, but a fun one. We had to be extra creative and try out different digital tools to find the right way of working.

What's new?

  • We have changed from a hamburger menu to a visible horizontal menu in the header, so that you can more easily get an overview of all the areas where the library can give you support.
  • More airy and light design that is more similar to ki.se in structure and appearance than before.
  • It is even easier and smoother to find popular services (such as PubMed, to book personal tutoring and see the library's range of workshops) in several different ways and places. For example, for each menu area in the main menu, there are now "Go directly to" shortcuts to the library's most popular or particularly important services.
  • The direct links to our most visited databases (eg PubMed) have also become even more visible on the home page as they are placed further up, just below the search box for books and articles.
  • The link to "My loans" can now be found at the top of the website, so that you can easily find it there and administer your loans (and now you can also easily pay late fees remotely by logging in to "My loans"!).
  • When you register for the library's workshops in the future, you will be able to handle your registration via the library's booking system. There you can see all your registrations and deregister.
  • You may already recognize our new chat, as we started using it already in June on our old website. You will find it in the lower right corner of the website.
  • A completely new area on the library's web called Visualise & present (although, the English content is still under production)
  • Publish and share research data moves from the Staff portal to our website
  • Bildmakarna's website has moved to kib.ki.se
  • A new menu heading called Computers & IT, where you will find information about Student IT's support for students and examinations.
  • We also have a new menu heading called About KIB, where you will find useful information about our activities, such as how we support KI's research and education, our organisation, our staff and vacancies.
  • Better filtering options on the Databases & e-resources page (called KIB Finder on the old website). This is to make it even easier for you to filter out databases on specific topics or with specific types of content (for example patents).

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Please have a look around and give feedback!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the users who have helped to test the website during development. Your feedback has been golden! It is important for us that we do not get caught up in ideas about how we think it should be, rather we want users to explicitly tell us what you need from us, and we adapt.