Interview: Tobias Alfvén about openness and its role in research

Published: 2022-10-24

The theme for International Open Access Week in 2022 is "Open for Climate Justice". We had the opportunity to meet Tobias Alfvén, senior researcher and associate professor in Global Health at the Department of Global Public Health at Karolinska Institutet and a paediatrician at Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital in Stockholm. In this video he shares his thoughts on openness and its role in research.


The article published by Tobias Alfvén and his colleagues is available here:

Climate change and child health: a scoping review and an expanded conceptual framework.

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GlobeLife is a new global health network jointly initiated between Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University. The aim is to strengthen cooperation and make it easier to work together. Among other things, a series of joint seminars will be held.

On UN Day, 24 October, GlobeLife is holding a seminar on climate change and health where Tobias Alfvén will discuss climate change and children's health in more depth.

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