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In the KI Open Archive you will find open published manuscripts, articles, dissertations and theses written at KI.

Are you about to publish your thesis or parallel publish your article? Follow the instructions on this page.

Publishing your thesis

E-publishing and "spikning" (notification of the dissertation date)

After the dissertation committee has processed and approved your application to publicly defend your thesis, you will received an email from There, it will state that it is time to e-publish your thesis and give instructions how to do it. Follow these instructions (which are also stated in the letter)

  1. Go to KI Open Archive.
  2. Log in with your KI login (six letters) and password.
  3. Open the existing item by double-clicking on the title ("No title/Utan titel").
  4. Fill in the form and upload your summarising chapter (kappa) as a PDF file. If you want to have a separate notification of submission (spikblad), that must also be uploaded as a PDF file.
  5. The last thing you do is read through and approve the licence.

Then you must wait for a new message from that will say that it is now time for you to take your mandatory copies (pliktexemplar) and your "to-be-nailed" copy to the library in Solna or Flemingsberg. This notification is usually sent out within 24 hours.

Pliktexemplar (Mandatory copies)

Seven copies of a doctoral thesis must be handed in. For a licentiate thesis, three copies are required. The doctoral theses are sent to other university libraries and can be given to anyone who would like a copy.

If you want to keep the copy that you nailed up on the nail board at the library in Solna or Flemingsberg, you must go and get it yourself, latest one week after your dissertation.

You can fetch leftover copies of your thesis at KIB Solna earliest one month and latest three months after your dissertation. Leftover copies will be disposed of because of limited storage space.

Word template for theses

Save the file on your computer; then follow the instructions in the tutorial. A spikblad (notification of submission) is no longer used but some of the information it contained must now be printed in the thesis instead. The spikblad has been integrated into the new thesis template but those who still want to use a loose spikblad can download it separately.

The purpose of the thesis templates is to provide an easy way to format a thesis that complies with the KI graphic guidelines and is suitable for printing.

It is important that you read the instructions carefully. The templates contain codes that control appearance and functions.

If you want to modify the formatting in large parts of your document the functions in the template will no longer work as intended and problems may arise. In such cases, it may be better to work without the template, create your own Word document and follow the instructions found on Laying out and printing a thesis.

If you need to learn more about Word, please have a look at Tips for Microsoft Word.

Wordmall: Thesis for Word 2010 for Windows (.dotx)

Manual: Thesis for Word 2010 and 2013 (.pdf)

Wordmall: Thesis for Word 2013 for Windows (.dotx)

Manual: Thesis for Word 2010 and 2013 (.pdf)

Wordmall: Thesis for Word 2011 for Mac (.dotx)

Manual: Thesis for Word 2011 for Mac (.pdf)

Spikblad: Spikblad (.dotx)

Thesis cover: Thesis cover (InDesign)

Getting an ISBN

If you are going to print your thesis, you will need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Click on the button below and login with your KI-ID. Fill in and send the form, and you will receive an ISBN to your e-mail address.


Plagiarism check

To ensure that no plagiarism occurs in doctoral theses, Karolinska Institutet (KI) runs systematic plagiarism checks of all theses. Once a thesis has been electronically “nailed” in KI Open Archive, it is checked in the plagiarism detection tool iThenticate. Read more at the Staff portal


You own, at all times and in all circumstances, the rights to the thesis's summarising chapter (kappa) and you can use that material in any way as you like. However, when it comes to the articles, it is often the case that you will have signed a "Copyright Transfer Agreement" (CTA) where you have relinquished all or parts of your copyright.

Parallel publishing your article

If you have published your work in a traditional journal, it's a matter of parallel publishing and we will help you to see what you are allowed to publish and when. If you published open access right from the start, you can of course also put your article in KI Open archive.

  1. Go to KI Open Archive.
  2. Choose "Log in" under "My page" and log in with your KI login.
  3. Choose the link "You can upload a new article or degree project".
  4. Choose collection "Artiklar/Articles".
  5. Fill in all the details (Describe); click on "Next".
  6. Upload your file (Upload); click on "Next".
  7. Inspect that everything is correct (Inspect); click on "Next".
  8. Read through and approve the contract (Contract) by putting a cross in the box at the bottom of the page; then click on "Finish".

Wait for an email from which will contain a confirmation and unique link to your document.

Electronic publishing of degree projects has ended

Since 2013 all degree programmes at KI has had the opportunity to publish degree projects at bachelor and master levels in KI Open Archive. This opportunity has been financed by the Board of Education.

As of 2017 this opportunity is no longer financed by the board, and the KI Library has decided to no longer offer system support for electronic publishing of degree projects.

The about 100 degree projects published during 2013-2016 will of course still be available in KI Open Archive, for future reading and citing.


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