Lecture: How to write your thesis

Content: The general purpose of the thesis; the structural and linguistic characteristics of a high-quality thesis, including tables and figures, with numerous examples from earlier theses; planning the different sections (introduction, aims, methodological considerations, results and discussion, future perspectives); practical tips.

Instructions: A link will be sent to all registered students a few days before the workshop takes place; this link will enable you to enter the online classroom at the appointed time. This lecture is divided in two parts with a lunch break in the middle.

Lecturer: Professor Joe DePierre

This lecture is designed for PhD students at KI who plan to defend their theses within 3-12 months. You must have and supply an email-address with the ending @ki.se. Register before 14 October.

Questions? Contact Katarina Amcoff, katarina.amcoff@ki.se

16 oktober
10:30 - 14:30
fredag, 16 oktober, 2020 - 10:30