Visualizing biological data at KI – from proteins to populations

Are you a researcher using or producing any form of visualization in your work? Are you curious to see how your peers visualize their work?

We are!

At the moment, the KI University Library is exploring the plethora of visual research material being produced all over KI; from the smallest building blocks of biology to vast networks and populations. Would you like to show off your beautiful and/or substantive visualizations within this context? Perhaps on large screens near the library entrances? We’re curious about what you’re producing and we’re ready to help you put it on display!

  • Perhaps you’re working with huge sets of network data? Or maybe you’ve done phylogenetic trees of for example a certain family of proteins?
  • Maybe you’re into deep sequencing and analysis of Hi-C data and have produced stunning heat maps?
  • Is epidemiology your thing and are you, for instance, working with sophisticated geographic information systems (GIS) or Voronoi tessellation?
  • Are you working with 3D modules or holograms to explain or explore? Maybe even animations or movies?
  • Perhaps you’re into microscopy or working with x-ray imaging?
  • Did you make a poster or a video abstract? Maybe you “danced” your PhD? Or maybe you’ve created something we haven’t even thought of?

Join us in showing the wealth and breadth of the visual KI, inspire people in your field and beyond!

We need your contributions by March 10, at the latest!

Contact the University Library if you have any questions or visuals to submit at:

We would really appreciate if you could spread the word at your department. You can download a poster in pdf format and then print and spread to all suitable locations. 

This post will be updated with more information shortly. Please stay tuned!

Erik Svallingson

Bibliotekarie med en bakgrund i både omvårdnad och grafisk design, och ett stort intresse i vetenskaplig visualisering.