Start the page numbering on page 3 (or another page)

Word 2010 (PC)

  1. Click to make the section break you need to insert visible. 


  2. Put the cursor after the text on the page you want to be the last one without page number. 
  3. Click the tab Page Layout. Choose (Breaks) and Section breaks > Next page.


  4. Put the cursor on the page where you want the page numbering to start (section 2 in the document).
  5. Click the tab Insert and Page Number. Choose location and style for the page numbers.


  6. The menu group Header & Footer Tools is active. Click Link to Previous to unlink the header and footer from the previous section. Make sure Different First Page is unchecked.


  7. To specify the first number, choose the tab Insert > Page numbers and Format page numbers… 


  8. Click Start at under Page numbering and type the number you want to appear on the first numbered page, for example 3.

  9. Manually remove the page number(s) in the first section of your document.
  10. Done!

Word (Mac)

Follow these instructions from Microsoft on how to start page numbering later in your document in Word for Mac. 

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