Part 3: Use citations (Word - Mac)

Always check that your references have been correct according to the citation style you are using. 

Cite while you write

In Endnote Online there is a plug-in to Microsoft Word – Cite While You Write (CWYW) – to be used for inserting citations in the text while you write.

Important! Make sure your Office package for Mac has the latest updates! You find them in the Help menu in your laptop.

This plug-in is compatible with:

PC: Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
Mac: Office 2008, 2011 and 2016

To install the plug-in on your own Mac, log in to Endnote Online, click on Format and Cite While You Write Plug-In. Choose Download Macintosh.

When the plug-in is installed, a new tab is created in your Word-programme. Or The CWYW menu is found under Tools in Word.

If you are not seeing the EndNote tab, or if the EndNote tab disappeared after updating to the latest version of Word 2016, you can try to follow the instructions on this website.

When the CWYW menu is installed you need to go to Cite While You Write Preferences..., choose EndNote online and log in with your Endnote Online account.

Insert citations

When you need to insert a citation:

1. Place the cursor where you want the reference to be inserted in the text.

2. Click Insert Citation

3. A dialogue box will turn up. For example, type in an author name or title words in the search box. It is important to use the correct spelling of a word or name when you search. Otherwise you will not get any result. A recommendation is to copy the title of the reference to be inserted from your Endnote Online-group.

4. Search.

5. Mark the reference and click the button Insert. The reference will be inserted as a temporary reference as follows: {Baxter, 2013, Intensive cataract training: a novel approach}

6. Continue writing in your work and insert references as above.

7. If anyone else shared a group of references with you that you want to be able to put into Word, do like this: In Organize, go to Other's Groups and to the group you've been assigned. Check the box sayin Use for Cite While You Write. Log then off from your Endnote library and log in again. If it doesn't work directly it's because it could be a delay.

Creating a reference list

When finished and a reference list needs to be created, choose Configure Bibliography...

Choose your citation style in the drop-down menu under With output style and then OK.

Then OK. Your bibliography is created in the end of the document.

If you want to change the citation style, repeat the procedure and change to another style in the drop-down menu under With output style.

If this box pops up, you need to make a simple correction to select or change the citation style. 

First, click OK.

In the next box, underneath:

change the box asking for Hanging indent, from a dot to a comma, as on this picture above. Then OK

This correction may need to be done everytime you update your document. 

Separate reference list

If you need a list of references, for example for a literature list, do the following:

  1. Move the references you want in the reference list to a folder under the tab My References.
  2. Under the tab Format choose Bibliography.
  3. By References, choose that folder in which you put the references. 
  4. By Bibliographic style, choose the style you want your references to be formatted in. 
  5. By File Format, choose for example TXT (plain text file).
  6. Click any of the buttons that give you the possibility to save, e-mail or print the reference list.

Updating a reference 

If a reference needs to be changed, if for example a year is missing, don´t do that change in Word, but do it in your Endnote library. Otherwise the change will disappear the next time you update your document. So in Endnote Online, go to the reference that needs to be changed, click on the title of the reference in the list of references and in the form, click on the fields that need to be updated and Save.

Go to Word and click on that reference you have changed in Endnote. Now there are two ways for the change to break through in Word:

1. Click on Unformat Citation(s). Now all your references will be unformatted. 

Click on Configure Bibliography and OK. Now all your references are updated and formatted and the reference is changed.

If you have tried the first alternative and if it didn´t work. Try this one instead, click on the reference in Word. Then right click and choose the last one in the menu, Edit Citation(s) and then More...

It will pop up a new window and control that it is the right reference that is marked. Click on the small arrow to the right of the reference and choose Update from My Library...

Then a new window will turn up asking if you want to insert the updated reference, click on Insert and then OK. Now the change has gone through. 

Convert to Plain Text

When the document is complete and ready to be sent in to for example the supervisor, it is important that the Endnote codes are removed from the document. The codes are unvisible but necessary for the function of the connection between Word and Endnote Online. So before sending it, save the version with codes (for your own work) and save one without codes and send that version.

Click on Tools and then Convert to Plain Text.

A dialogue box will appear asking if you want to save the document before you remove the field codes. Click on Save.

Important! Name the document so it is obvious which document that still has the field codes and which does not, for example "with codes" and "without codes".

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