Part 1: Create a reference library

Sign up for an account

First, sign up for an Endnote Online account. You only need to fill in the mandatory fields. It's optional to use the KI email.

When you have created an account, you may as well go directly to next time you login to your Endnote Online library. However, once in a year you'll have to use this Endnote Online link to verify your account to KI:

Create an account / log in to Endnote Online

Creating groups

You can easily organise your references by creating groups. Go to the tab Organize and Manage My Groups and New group and give your new group a name. There, you can also delete or rename groups. Whether you have added your references into various groups, all your references are always accessible in All My References. It is from there that you distribute your references to the groups you create. 

Sharing references

There is also an option to share references with others. Click on Manage Sharing and invite people by using the e-mail they used when they created their Endnote Online account. 

If you have shared groups of references with each other, you can import these references into Word. Which means, that if someone has shared a group with his or hers references with you, to be able to import these references to your Word-text, you need to check a specific box. Go to Organize and Other's Groups, there, you find the box called Use for Cite While you Write, check that. It could be that you need to logg off your Endnote library before it starts working. 

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