Concision means that you give the reader the relevant information as briefly as possible.

Make your text more concise by removing repetitions, unnecessary words, and reinforcement words such as adjectives. 

Too many words Concise
Sugar, as everyone knows, is very damaging for your health and very unhealthy, and has a negative impact on your health. Sugar has a negative impact on health.

You can also make a text more concise by making it more nominal. A nominal style means that the text has more nouns than verbs. In academic texts it is often appropriate to replace long verb phrases with nouns.

Too many words Concise and nominal
The purpose of the investigation is primarily to examine how children and adolescents speak in everyday life and if they then tend to use slang. The purpose of the investigation is to examine children's and adolescents' everyday use of slang.

You can also make your text more concise by focusing only on what is really important. As you write, always ask yourself if what you write adds something to your topic, or if it may instead distract your reader.

Making Your Text More Clear: Focus on the Facts 

In this tutorial, you learn how to make your text more clear and concise by focusing on what will be most central to your readers. 

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