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The Educational Technologists at KIB offer support to anyone who teaches at KI in using educational technologies for teaching and learning.

At the moment we do not have any workshops booked in English. Below is a description, in English, of the workshops we offer in Swedish.

Book a workshop in English?

Feel free to contact us if you are interesting in booking a workshop for your department in English, or send an email to Carina Bois.

KI Play – Karolinska Institutet’s own video distribution system

KI Play is a campus video distribution system similar to Youtube. Anyone with a KI-ID can log in, upload and share content. Your videos are automatically converted to formats viewable across current operating systems and platforms (desktops, mobile). This applies to both staff and students at KI. The service also offers a desktop recorder, Capturespace, a recording application that allows users to capture content directly from your Windows or Mac computer enabling you to record micro-lectures or for your students to record and turn in video assignments. The library offers this workshop to KI staff to give users a quick overview of the functions available in the system.

Workshop: Getting your PowerPoint presentation ready for screen capture with voiceover

Are you in the process of planning to record a voice over for a PowerPoint presentation to be used in your teaching either online or as part as a blended learning course? Then take this opportunity to get your PowerPoint “fit for purpose” before you press Record. This workshop will give you tips and recommendations for how to apply KI’s film template on an existing PowePoint, how to use the correct settings in page set-up for widescreen recording as well as giving you an opportunity to consider how you can prevent cognitive overload using simple animations with images and text etc. You will be given the chance to work with your own PowerPoint in this workshop.

Designing for learning – blended and flipped learning in practice

Blended learning is a learning modality that offers 30 – 80 % of course material online. Traditional face-to-face teaching is combined with digital interactions and the role of the teacher is seen to change since the time spent in class can now be dedicated to student active modes of instruction. This workshop will give you the opportunity to discuss and reflect over which factors are need to ensure that you will be successful in implementing blended learning in your teaching. This course is given in the form a workshop requiring participants to spend two hours before attending in order to prepare for the face-to-face time in class. This is done by reading a short guide on implementing blended learning as well as answering questions on short films on both flipped and blended learning. All questions to be answered require participants to reflect on their own teaching practice.

Coaching in the sound studio

Do you want to record a screen capture for a lecture, presentation or make an introduction film for you course? Take this opportunity to come to the studio to and make a recording using Screencast-o-matic. You will be supported by a learning technologist from the Department of Educational Technology.

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