Where can I find my h-index?

Your h-index is the largest number X such that you have at least X publications with at least X citations. The h-index is not directly available from the KI Bibliometric Verification Toolkit. If you have no publications from before 1995 and have verified all your publications, you can still calculate h-index from your list of verified publications in the bibliometric system.

Login and verify all your publications.

Export them to Excel (or anything else that can read csv files) from the publication list in the Analysis Toolkit.

Sort the publications after times cited (with the most cited publications first and so on) and look in the sorted list where the number of citations is at least equal to the order number.


Order Citations
1 ......... 23
2 ......... 11
3 ......... 5
4 ......... 2
5 ......... 1

In this case, h-index is 3, since publication number 3 has 5 citations (at least 3) but publication number 4 has 2 citations (less than 4).

If this seems cumbersome, or if you have publications older than 1995, you can instead get h-index from Web of Science by searching all your publications and from the resulting list of publications select "Create Citation Report" (to the right above the search result).

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