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Karolinska Institutet has now access to Visible Body’s anatomic 3D apps that you can use either through your computer, smartphone or tablet.
When the contract expires 30th of June 2017 it will not be renewed since the budget does not cover the expenses. Users who are interested in continuing to use the service can create their own subscription.
KI Play is a new campus video distribution portal, with a Youtube-like interface, giving KI students and staff a place to host and distribute media.
As a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet you can now publish open access free of charge in the 1,650 hybrid journals from Springer.
From September 4, you can not reserve books that are available in the same library where you want to pick them up. You can get the book directly from the shelf. You can still reserve books that are on loan to pick up at the library you prefer.
I addition to the library system change a new routine for automatic renewals of books that have no reservations has been introduced. This means that if no one requests the books you have at home they are renewed automatically with a new loan period.
As of this year, SRC requires researchers to submit an ORCID id. KI researchers can easily create an ORCID in the KI Bibliometric database.