The student account is moved within Office365 28 June–2 July – save your files from Teams and Sharepoint!

KI will move all student accounts currently in Office365 to the same version used by KI's staff. When the move is completed, student accounts and staff accounts will be in the same version in Office365, which facilitates better contact between students and teachers in Microsoft Teams.

Please note, important! If you are a student, you must transfer the files you have stored in, for example, Teams or SharePoint before 24 June 2021 to your OneDrive or in another storage area outside KI to keep the files. If you don't you will lose all files in Teams or SharePoint.

Contents of OneDrive and contents in your e-mail account is automatically transferred to the new Office365.

Your student account (e-mail and OneDrive) will be closed between June 28th to July 2nd 2021

  • During this period, you will not be able to send or receive emails from your student email address.
  • Emails sent to your account during the closed period will not arrive. The sender will receive a reply that says that your account does not exist. The emails will not be queued. The sender will have to resend the email when your account has been moved and is open again.
  • If you use OneNote (notebooks) make sure that OneNote is in your OneDrive and that you use it in online mode and that you access it through your OneDrive. If you have OneNote locally installed on your computer, it will not be moved.
  • Teams groups and the files that you have saved in Teams will not be transferred and will not remain or be reachable during or after the transfer of your student account.
  • To keep the files that you have saved in Teams or SharePoint, you must save them in your OneDrive or in a storage area outside KI (no later than 24/6).
  • You will have access to Canvas and the library's e-services during the period, June 28th - July 2nd.

After the move, you who have forwarded your student e-mail to an alternative e-mail account must do this setting again. Learn how to forward your email.

Questions? Contact Student IT

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08-524 82 222