Open access agreement between the Karolinska Institutet and Springer

As a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet you can publish open access free of charge in the 1,650 hybrid journals from Springer.

Between the Royal Library and the publishing company Springer there is a national agreement which entitles KI researchers to publish their articles open access in Springer's hybrid journals*. In this agreement, the publication fee (article processing charge or APC) is already prepaid, since the agreement includes both the costs of the library's subscriptions as well as the costs of open access publishing.

The agreement with Springer offers a fair balance between the universities' costs for access to subscribed journals as well as the needs and costs for publishing open access.

How do I proceed as an author?

When your paper has been accepted in any of the hybrid journals (see list below), Springer will identify you as KI-affiliated through the platform MyPublication. Before the article is made freely available online, the university library will verify your affiliation with Karolinska Institutet.

More details about Springer Compact:

Please contact Research Support at the library if you have questions about how Springer Compact works or publishing in general.

* A hybrid journal is a journal that is basically subscription-based, but where individual articles may be open access, e.g. to satisfy demands from research funders.