New tool for off campus access to articles

The library's new service Library Access is a browser extension that automatically checks if you can download a scientific article via the library's subscriptions. If the library does not have a subscription, the extension will search for an open access version of the article; if that is not available, it will link to our order form.

Install the extension in three steps:

  1. Download Library Access to your browser. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera on your computer (not tablet or smart phone).
  2. Follow the instructions to install Library Access. Select Karolinska Institutet in the drop down menu. If you allow pop-ups in your browser, it can inform you when you have access to articles behind pay walls.
  3. Done! Now you can download subscribed content directly from for exemple Pubmed or Google Scholar without having to pass through the library's website. The grey icon in the browser's toolbar turns green when Library Access is active and has identified content that you have access to.