New, more stylish, better!

A few years ago, the Film of AIDS Film Archive was launched and since then we have released more and more films to the part of the archive that is openly available to all of us. Today, the entire archive contains over 800 hours of film plus other material – a unique treasure about the global development of the HIV epidemic.

The Face of AIDS Film Archive has been developed and now the site has received a facelift.

With the new website, we will be thematizing and highlighting parts of the archive. First is Women and AIDS. The theme Women and AIDS will be launched on February 22 in an event together with Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska. Read more about the event and meet us at Almas Park!

Here and now we also want to highlight Nicklas Dennerholm's article Revisiting the Russian HIV epidemic. Nicklas worked with Face of AIDS Film Archive during 2001–2002 to document the HIV epidemic in Russia. The result was the movie Outreach. In the article Revisiting the Russian HIV epidemic Nicklas compares the situation 20 years ago with the situation today.

Of course the timeline, observed by the President of the Karolinska Institutet Ole Petter Ottersen remains. A timeline that starts in 1981 and shows impacts from the history of HIV and the archive until 2017. Check it out!

Please do not hesitate contacting us if you would like to know more about the Face of AIDS Film Archive.