Current information about library services during the COVID-19 outbreak

On this page we will gather current information about the library services during the outbreak of COVID-19 (the corona virus). Changes in library services can occur quickly if recommendations changes.

Opening hours

As of Wednesday 18 March, the library in Flemingsberg will only offer extended opening hours for KI students and KI employees (read more about how it works extended opening hours). No staff will work in the library facility.

A maximum of 50 people is allowed at the same time in the library premises. Please note that gathering in groups should not take place at KI's premises, but premises will stay open with the aim of giving students space for individual work in airy environments with connection and access to computers. 

A maximum of 2 people can sit in the group study rooms in Flemingsberg, but you need to keep a distance to the second person in the room. The booking system is closed, but you can use the rooms on a drop-in basis.

During summer (19 June - 16 August) the pop-up library in Solna is closed

Please note that from Wednesday 18 March, there will be no access to the library premises unless you are a KI student or employee. Be prepared to show your KI card if anyone should ask.

Until stated otherwise, these limited opening hours will apply.

However, we will gladly help you in our digital channels, so feel free to contact us via these instead. This applies to both library and student IT issues.

These regulations are based on the recommendations of the Public Health Authorities to limit social contact and the recommendations of KI; Information about the corona virus for staff and students.

Booked guidance

If you have booked guidance with a writing instructor or a librarian, your meeting will be held online, check your student email or KI email for instructions on how the meeting is set up.


If you're attending a workshop at the library, please note that these may be cancelled or run online, see your student e-mail for information about what applies to you.

Borrow, request and return books

Since March 19, all day loans work like 7-day loans, even though they still look like day loans in reSEARCH and are kept on the day loan shelf. This means that they can be requested, and that the loan period is seven days with automatic renewal as long as there is no one else requesting the book.

Having trouble returning books? You can get an overview of your loans through My account and see, for example, which books have been recalled or automatically renewed. If the book cannot be renewed, and you do not have the opportunity to get to the library – contact us and we will try to solve it. Since March 19, there are no late fees on delayed books, but your fellow students would appreciate if you return recalled books as soon as you are able to.

If you don't have access to the library, use our book drops near the entrances to return books. The book drops are open 24/7. 

  • The book drop in Flemingsberg can be found at Alfred Nobels allé 8, outside of the main entrance, to the left if you're going in. It's a grey metal box with the sign Bokinkast / book drop on it. 
  • The book drop in Solna can be found at Retzius väg 13A, it's a black box with the sign Bokinkast / Book drop on it. 

For you as a student

You can borrow reserved books and other literature in Solna Monday-Friday 8:30-10:00.

You can use the extended opening hours in Flemingsberg, including access to all books and other resources such as group rooms, resource rooms and more. Your KI card is your access card, and is necessary for access to the premises.

Those staying in the library must follow the hygiene guidelines. Please note that studying in groups is not allowed at the moment.

For you as an employee

You can borrow reserved books and other literature in Solna Monday-Friday 8:30-10:00.

You can use the extended opening hours in Flemingsberg, but please note that you must have applied for access to your KI card before coming to the library.

We recommend that you choose "home delivery" when reserving books. First, log into My account and make sure we have a correct job address entered in your account. The book will come with the internal mail. Do you work at home? Then change your "preferred address" to your home address and the book will come home to you by mail.

For doctoral students and rules regarding "nailing"

Important information on changed "nailing" rules and the public defence can be found on the KI Staff site:

For you as a public user (not KI affiliated)

During this period, you who are not KI affiliated cannot use the library premises. This means that you cannot borrow or reserve books.

If you need to borrow books we recommend that you ask for a interlibrary loan from your local public library, usually to a small cost.

At the moment, public users cannot access electronic materials through library computers. We recommend that you first see if your article is available online with an open access licence, try search at the web page Hitta öppet tillgängliga artiklar (page in Swedish).


  • Visit the library only if you feel completely healthy.
  • Keep a minimum of 1 meter to the next person.
  • Wash your hands frequently, disinfection is also effective.
  • Cough and sneeze in the arm fold.
  • Our toilets are cleaned twice a day.

Stay informed

During these times the risk of misinformation increases, and we advice you to carefully check your sources. More information can be found at the page Evaluating information.

Curious about how it works with e-books? Many English textbooks are available as e-books, please read our blog post When you need to stay away from the library – borrow an e-book.

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