Workshop: Giving oral presentations

Giving oral presentations is an essential part of scholarly exchange. During this intensive, hands-on workshop, you will receive hands-on tips, practice and concrete feedback that will help you deliver effective, engaging and confident oral presentations of your research.

You will prepare for the workshop by drafting a 5-minute presentation. Once at the workshop, you will receive hands-on tips and techniques to help improve your oral presentation skills; we will also talk about how to avoid being nervous, and how to ensure that your voice carries clearly and distinctly. You will then have time to revise your 5-minute presentation before delivering it before an Academic Writing Support instructor and a small group of supportive, engaged doctoral candidates. Finally, you will receive constructive feedback from this group, feedback that will help you improve both the presentation in question and your oral presentation skills more generally.

To ensure that participants feel comfortable with this process, the number of attendees for this workshop is limited to 8. Consequently, please only register for this workshop if you are confident you have the time to invest in the workshop process, and have time to do so for three hours at the appointed date and time. Likewise, if you register and later realise that you can no longer make it, it is equally crucial that you cancel your registration as soon as possible to allow another doctoral candidate to register.

Target group: This workshop is for doctoral students and researchers at KI. You must have and supply an email-address with the ending Register before 14 October.

The workshop is held in a computer room at KI, but feel free to bring your own computer. Language: English (but we do also speak Swedish). 

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Questions? Contact Katarina Amcoff,

16 October
13:00 - 16:00
Computer lab Ada Lovelace, Berzelius väg 3, floor 4
Wednesday, 16 October, 2019 - 13:00