Zotero enables citations in Google Docs

It's never been easier to collaborate in a Google Docs document since Zotero just launched the possibility to add citations in your collaborative text.  

Zotero is a reference management software that, just like Endnote Online and Mendeley, helps you organise your citations in a reference library, in which you can create groups and share citations with others. Zotero makes it easy to save citations to articles, books, web pages, and much more. With the help of a plug-in, this reference management software also enables you to add ready-formatted citations into your text, which saves you a lot of time. Zotero already offers a plug-in for Word and LibreOffice, but recently Zotero launched this plug-in for Google Docs. Therefore, you can now add citations when working on texts in Google Docs together with others, meaning that this plug-in has great potential for simplifying your writing process. 

To add Zotero into your Google Docs account, you need to download the Zotero Connector for Chrome and Firefox. After you have done that, the Zotero plug-in will appear in your tab menu: 

You will also have the Zotero button, which makes it possible to add a citation with just one click.

Now you can add your citations from your Zotero library, and with a few clicks you will get the citation for the text and for the bibliography. You can easily change citation style, if you want. 

If you need any help, Zotero has really helpful guides

Good luck!

Ebba Warén (on leave)

You will mostly find me in classrooms or supporting information searching in the library. I also support students in Endnote and Zotero. See you there!