Within ten years all research funded with public funds should be made available to all

The Swedish government has set an ambitious goal in the latest Research Bill. Within ten years - no later than 2026 - all research funded with public funds should be made available and free to read immediately upon publication.

This is a challenge that needs national coordination. The Royal Library has been assigned the task of coordinating the work, as well as introducing principles for promoting an open publication of peer-reviewed research results and Open Science. This work will be done in cooperation with the Swedish Research Council, which has a special responsibility for promoting open research data.

A week ago, the Royal Library organized a kick-off conference where five national groups were formed. These groups will work on the various principles, challenges and issues regarding open access to scientific publications. More information about these national groups.

This national work is of course very important. However, I want to emphasize the role played by enthusiastic researchers from different disciplines. They are willing to fight for the openness of science, and in their hands lies the future of open access to scientific publications and open science. Infrastructure, principles and guidelines are there to provide good support, but at the end of the day it is hard and determined work that will be pivotal. When all is said and done, the responsibility rests on the shoulders of each individual researcher. We at the libraries will be there and do all we can to support and assist in this important work.

International Open Access Week October 23-29, 2017

Annikki Roos

Library Director at KIB, and I also have a PhD in Information Systems Science. Enabling access to information and data has a high priority in my professional life.