Thesis time? Visit our web course in information searching and reference management

Are you about to start writing your master thesis? Before you start, take a look at our web course Save time: optimise how you search and organise references - Information Literacy for Master Students (you need a student account to log in to Ping Pong) so you will get through the information searching and referencing without trouble and save a lot of time and frustration. 

Writing your thesis you will have to refer to previous research on your topic. But how do you know that the information you find is scientific and reliable? And where do you find it? How do you make effective and efficient use of the databases? Those are some of the questions we will address in the course. The information searching process can be challenging and time-consuming and often the searching is done haphazardly. With this course we want to help you to work with information searching in a structured way. That way you can be more certain that you have actually found the sources most relevant for your topic.

Referencing is another necessary but sometimes time-consuming part of the writing process. Are you using the Vancouver style for referencing? In that case it can be a good idea to start using a reference management program if you haven’t already. Not only will it help you to collect and format your references, it will also automatically update the order and numbering of your references the moment you click on update. In our web course there is a part about referencing that will help you get started with the management of a reference library with Endnote Online

The course consist of five parts; Scientific Publication, Determine your information Needs, Searching the Literature, Evaluating Information and Referencing. Some self-study questions will follow every part. There will also be an optional exercise document which you can use along the different parts of the course. All in all the estimated time for going through the course is six hours. 

The aim of the course is that you will deepen your knowledge and skills in information literacy so that you will be able to achieve the learning objectives relating to this in the Master programs at KI. We hope you will learn some tips & trix to work smarter and that you will enjoy the learning experience. 

If you wish you can also visit us in the library where we can help you with your individual search topic. Guidance in information searching is open every weekday between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. both in Solna and Flemingsberg.