Test your knowledge and check your references

Do you need to search for information for your thesis or another assignment? Not sure if you have sufficient skills for this task? Or maybe it is the reference management that troubles you? There is plenty of material in the library's website, but it might be difficult to know what is relevant and where to start. Therefore, we have developed a quiz for information searching and a checklist for the reference management.


The quiz is self-correcting and anonymous. If you choose the wrong answer, you will be given the correct answer together with an explanation. You can do the quiz as many times as you want. Remember that the most important thing is not to answer all the questions correctly, but to take the opportunity to learn from any incorrect answers. If any explanation is unclear, you can read more on our website or contact us.

Test yourself - how much do you know about searching in databases?

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The target audience for the quiz is students writing their thesis. That means that the level of the quiz is adapted to students that have already gained some competence in information searching, for example through KIB’s information literacy teaching. The knowledge tested in the quiz is of course also relevant for information searching in other contexts, but if you have are a freshman at the university, many questions may seem difficult.

The quiz is intended for students at all programs at KI, and hence not specifically tailored for certain topics or groups of students. It covers the general principles and databases relevant for most programs at KI.

We welcome your feedback on how you think the quiz works, the level, and if you think that some important aspect is missing. Regardless of your result in the quiz, you are always welcome to contact us for support in your information searching. You find us in the library.

The checklist for references helps you review how you have managed the references in your text before you hand in a written assignment. It is a complement to the reference guides, so you also need to consult them for details about how the references should be formatted. Can you answer yes to all questions in the checklist? Congratulations, your reference management is all right, and you are ready to submit your assignment (at least when it comes to the references). If you have questions about references, you are welcome to the library for discussion and support.

Magdalena Svanberg

Librarian who teaches and tutors students at all levels. Also part of the search group at KIB.