The opening of the new library in Solna is approaching – follow the journey!

For just over a year, the library in Solna has been closed for renovation, but now the move back is approaching fast. Follow the advancement in this blog post which will be updated continuously during the fall semester!

29 September 2020

In the creation of a new library in Solna there has of course been architects and other parties involved doing the big work with input from us at the library. The building architects are Respons arkitekter and the interior design has been done by LINK arkitektur. Also the KI facilities planners and our landlord Akademiska hus have of course been important parties in this project.

In designing the new library we have been focusing on the experiences of the staff but also asked student representatives involved in the project.

The main focus of the renovation of the public spaces in the library has been the following:

  • The public space is part of KI:s informal learning spaces and should have an open floor plan that feels safe for the users
  • We should have a good working environment for our students, staff, researchers and the public. The type of furniture, ergonomics, ventilation, sound and light are all important
  • The space should be clearly divided into zones with different sound levels to promote both cooperative meetings and individual, silent study. It should be clear what type of behavior is expected in different zones
  • We build for the use of personal technology - lots of sockets are needed

Below you can see some examples of how the public spaces will be designed and furnished. We start on the entrance level where the focus is on study spaces and the area Torget for public events and lectures.

Image from the architects, furniture on the first floor, floor 2.

Furniture on the ground level. Click on the image to see a larger version. Please note that describing texts are in Swedish.

If we take the stairs to the next level we will find our support area, books and study spaces.

Image from the architects, furniture on floor 3, upper level.

Further in on this level we find more study spaces, our classrooms and group study rooms.

Image from the architects, furniture further into the library, upper level.

Furniture on upper floor. Click on the image to see it in a larger version. Please note that describing texts are in Swedish.

21 September 2020

The project managers of the renovation have now had the chance to peek into the new library. 

Image of a mirror facade of the new library.

Behind a mirror facade the new library in Solna is taking shape. We, the project managers, Emma-Lotta and David, went in to have a look.

In the development of the public areas student representatives have been involved. From the feedback we got we have tried creating a variety of different types of study places. For example, more places for individual studies were requested.

A group room in purple colors.

The popular group rooms have also gotten a touch up and new colours, here one in purple.

Light, open spaces in the new library

There has also been a lot of focus on getting better light and ventilation and creating more open spaces in the library. This area will be partly filled with bookshelves and study places.

Image of a purple mat where the staff will be available.

Here on this beet-coloured mat the library staff will be present, ready to help you. You will be able to consult both library staff and Student IT staff, and have the option of being seated for longer consultations in an area screened off with curtains.

We look forward to moving in and welcoming you all to our new premises. But there is still some stuff to take care of. Join us on our journey towards a new library here on the blog, news will be posted continuously.

Emma-Lotta Säätelä

Librarian at KIB who mainly works with teaching, search guidance and search consultations. Currently one of two project managers for the renovation of the library in Solna.

David Hansson

I work at the unit Systems Development and Methodological Support. During 2019-2021, I am one of two project managers for the project of rebuilding the library in Solna.