A new Intersectional book collection at the library

On the 25 May a new intersectional book collection will be inaugurated at KIB in Huddinge and Solna. The collection is meant to supplement the library’s other collections by focusing on norm critical and intersectional perspectives in for example medicine, pedagogy and psychology. The collection was created as part of the continual work for equal rights and opportunities and has been funded by The Council for Equal Treatment at KI.

The aim of the collection is to bring forward perspectives that are often silenced, excluded or stereotypically presented and create opportunities for a curious and critical examination of our models of thinking and acting. We hope that the collection will serve as an inspiration and help us make visible discriminating structures so that we all can contribute to a more equal and inclusive university.

Student representatives, that have been part of the project group, have expressed the need for dealing with these questions in the various education programs. As future caregivers and educators it is crucial to have an understanding of normative structures and their consequences. 

Another reason for creating the collection is to help making more inclusive learning environments. Most students will visit the library during their studies and it is important to show that it is a place where everyone is as welcomed, regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

We hope that the collection will provide an added knowledge perspective for students as well as for researchers, and that it will serve as a methods basis for the teacher who wants to develop one’s teaching methods or make the course literature more inclusive and better reflect a diverse student group. Depending on your interest and demand we will update the collection with relevant titles. The collection will be placed in the reading corner both in Huddinge and Solna.