Negotiations with Elsevier resumed in August

Similarly to other Swedish universities, Karolinska Institutet lacks direct access to fulltext articles published by Elsevier after June 2018, because Elsevier has not met the demands of the national Bibsam Consortium regarding open access. Instead, KI researchers have been able to access Elsevier journals through the Get It Now service. However, the negotiating parties have now restarted their talks.  

Earlier this year, the Bibsam Consortium (National Library of Sweden) and Elsevier signed a Memorandum of Understanding (link to PDF), resulting in a restart of the negotiation process. The negotiations continue this month, and the negotiating parties aim to reach a new agreement during 2019. 

At Karolinska Institutet University Library (KIB), we have noticed that our researchers, and other users, comprehend the situation well, and they have had a great deal of patience. Even so, the current situation creates obstacles for many people, and there is a great need for direct access. I would like to find a good, and favourably priced, solution that increases openness. 

More information about the cancellation of the Elsevier agreement and how to access research articles published by Elsevier after June 2018.

Annikki Roos

Library Director at KIB, and I also have a PhD in Information Systems Science. Enabling access to information and data has a high priority in my professional life.