KIB Workshop – lots of news for researchers

The workshop series for doctoral students and researchers is now available on our website. This semester, we are offering twenty-six events!

For the first time we are offering a workshop for those who want to get started with visualising their research. We will discuss how research can be communicated using visual means and during the workshop you will get the chance to hands on explore the principles of visualisation in a creative manner.

Further, we will be offering a series of short presentations of biomolecular databases. We will show how to navigate in the databases and give concrete hints on how they can aid your research. Presentations are only 20 minutes long so you can easily fit them into your lunch break.

Other news is that you will now have more time for individual consultation with our teachers during the workshop Searching the literature for your half-time review, thesis or next publication. There will also be all of four different dates to choose from. The workshop Giving oral presentations where you work on your oral presentation skills in a small group will be back this semester, with one event in Solna and Flemingsberg respectively.

Read more about all the events under What's up where you also register to participate. You are more than welcome to download the schedule (pdf) for the autumn semester and post it in your department (note, the pdf has 2 sides)! Most of these workshops are also available "on demand" for your department. The best way to order a workshop is to fill in our form.

The purpose of the series is to contribute to the education of doctoral students at KI. We do this by exploring and discussing different aspects of the scientific communication and publication process. These events give you the possibility to work hands-on on issues that may be relevant in your doctoral education. The series include workshops on database searching, reference management, academic writing, how to avoid plagiarism and more.

Some of our workshops might be useful for you as a researcher or an employee - you are welcome too, of course! We only ask that you use your email address ending with

All the workshops are free of charge, but you need to register in advance. You can find information about time, location and registration for each event in the calendar

If you have questions about the workshops, please contact the Library Research Support.

P.S. The library in Solna will be refurbished this semester and events will take place in other premises. Be sure to take an extra look at the address when you register for an event.

Karolina Karjalainen

Librarian coordinating the education for researchers and doctoral students at the library. She also teaches researchers and doctoral students in subjects regarding scientific publication.