KIB Stickers for your conversations

One of the news in iOS 10, that's just been released for iPhones and iPads worldwide, is that you can now decorate your messages with virtual stickers.

Stickers are smaller pictures that can be sent separately or placed on top of bubbles, other stickers, and photos. Just like with emoji you can express yourself without typing a single word.

Stickers come from a new type of mini-app used from inside of the Messages-app, and we at KIB couldn't keep ourselves from creating a sticker app with pictures related to the library, campus, studies and anatomy. We hope you will like it!

Download KIB Stickers from the App Store for iMessage and start using it like this.

Please get in touch with comment or suggestions for new stickers!

Mikael Jergefelt

Librarian and system developer, coding KIB's web and other systems.