It takes two to tango

No, we're not referring to the fiery Argentine dance but to the title of the ten-thousandth doctoral dissertation at KI. It has a more descriptive subtitle, "An inquiry into health care professional education environments", and is written by Per J. Palmgren and to be defended today, January 29.

In the Institute's two hundred years of history, the academic dissertation plays a crucial role. Palmgren's thesis comprises number 10 000 in a number suite that extends as far back as the late 1800s. Nowadays, the running number series is a purely internal number assigned to every printed title that is submitted to the library, but the fact remains that Palmgren's dissertation is the ten-thousandth in an unbroken chain that started more than one hundred and forty years ago.

As the first doctoral thesis at KI we usually credit "Om Torpa källa", authored by Alfred Levertin and published in 1875. The tension between the universities and KI in the 1800s meant that public disputations could not be held at KI before 1875, even if the research had been conducted before this date. Levertin's thesis deals with the mineral source or health spa at Göta älv just south of Trollhättan and from where water was bottled and sold in the late 1800s. You can even now, to this day, get hold of a copy of the thesis at for example Bokbörsen, at a price of 400 SEK.

To begin with, the number of theses per year at KI was quite modest, but in the 2000s, the number increased and is now steady at just over 350 titles per year. Until 1995, these theses were only available in printed form, but this year also introduced the electronic nailing, but without the requirement of delivering a full text. Effective from January 1, 2005, KI decided on mandatory electronic publication of the summarization chapter (“kappa”). The older records from 1995 to 2005 are now part of KI Open Archive.

Today, we're raising our hats to Per Palmgren and his dissertation that constitutes a very special number in a long academic tradition here at KI. We wish him a successful public defence and a cheerful disputation party - maybe with a tango on the dance floor?

Karin Niklasson Gråd

Librarian at KIB who works with purchasing and cataloguing of printed books mainly and dissertations. Also works with the support handling purchase suggestions for new books.