I <3 my job at Academic Writing Support

The spring semester has begun and you have started working on assignments and theses. Many of you make appointments with the writing tutors from the KI Academic Writing Support to discuss your texts. It is a job that comes with great responsibility. And it is stimulating and fun!

When you come to us to talk about your texts, you have given them a great deal of thought and have worked hard on them. Writing academic texts – and especially theses – is difficult, as it should be. It is the challenge that makes us grow: as people, as students, and as future professionals. When you come to the meetings with us at Academic Writing Support, you often have many questions, about important things that you have thought about while writing.

But even if a large part of our work is about answering questions, another is to ask questions about your texts. Interested, thought-provoking questions that make you consider your text and how it affects your readers. Even if we can advise you on how to work on your texts, you are the experts in the field, you know what you want to communicate, and you write the text. Our questions help you improve your writing.

Sometimes we tear our hair together. How do we deal with a structure problem – what are the most central aspects, and how can you structure your text in a way that is logical both to you and to your readers? This may be frustrating for a while, but you do not need to find the answers and the solutions right away. Once you have become aware of a problematic aspect of your text and have been given advice on how to address it, you can accomplish a great deal on your own.

It is a wonderful feeling when we have been struggling over a problematic aspect of your text, and now you have realized that there is a solution within reach – or perhaps already found one. Sometimes you end the meetings by spontaneously thanking us for a productive session, which is always fun. Still, I have to stop myself from protesting – because believe me, the pleasure is all mine. Thanks to you I have such a rewarding job!

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Anna M Borgström

I have a Licentiate of Philosophy degree in English and teach academic writing. You are most likely to meet me in the Academic Writing Support room in Solna, but now and then I am in Flemingsberg.