How to create an account in Endnote Online

To use a reference management software as Endnote Online means a lot of help to you, for lots of reasons:

  • All your references can be saved and organized in your Endnote library.
  • You can create a bibliography automatically in Word, but be sure to check the correctness of each reference. 
  • It is timesaving and you can concentrate more upon your writing than on getting all the dots and commas right in your bibliography. 

At KIB, we give support on your Endnote questions in the library. The reason why we have chosen to support on Endnote is that the desktop version is of widespread use among researchers at KI and if you continue to scientific work at KI after your studies, you are already familiar with the software, even if the online version differs from the desktop version.

If you would like to create an account in Endnote Online, look for the link in the pink box on our Endnotepage

Create an account / log in to Endnote Online

It takes you to Endnote's login page where you should click on Sign up.

Don't click on the link saying "Try Endnote desktop for 30 days", since that is the desktop version which will not be free after those 30 days.

Our recommendation is to go via the pink box on our Endnote page because then you will get access to the output style called "Vancouver KI" among your list of styles. Vancouver KI is a style KIB has created and what differs that one from the ordinary Vancouver style is that some information is excluded, like for example "Epub" and we have also added a hanging indent in the bibliography. 

Good luck and remember that we help you with your Endnote questions at the library. Either by drop in, chat, phone or email. 

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