Good news for those interested in graphics and design - Affinity Trinity

Are you a KI student? Do you ever need to edit images, create scalable vectors or adjust the layout of a poster? If so, you can now expand your graphical horizons with the Affinity Suite from Serif. KI now offers students a license for Affinity - completely free of charge. Employees can order a licens to a cost.

For decades Adobe has dominated the field of graphic design and image editing software. Alternative programs have come and gone but none have come close to seriously challenging Adobes position. Now Serif is taking on Adobe, David vs. Goliath style. Serif's suite of tools still has a ways to go to before it is as comprehensive as Adobes, but it does offer an intuitive trinity of tools that builds on the the strengths and functions we've come to expect in professional image processing software. The offering includes Affinity Photo for raster graphics, Affinity Designer for vector graphics and Affinity Publisher for layout and publishing.

Serif calls the collection Affinity Trinity and it is made for both beginners as well as seasoned veterans already familiar with Adobe's corresponding tools Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Affinity Trinity offers basicaly the same functionality (with some variations) compared to Adobes tools, and even the short-cut commands you may be familiar with from Adobe will work in Serifs tools as well. So the barrier to entry is fairly low for those wanting to test an old favorite in a new wrapper...or maybe it's a new favorite in an old wrapper?

Regardless of whether you are an undergraduate student here at KI or if you are employed as part of a research group, Affinity Trinity will likely meet the majority of your needs in regards to graphics software. It might be even better news for those of you working with an outdated copy of Adobe or, in the worst case scenario, a pirated version that cannot be updated (you know who you are).

You can even move fairly seamlessly back and forth between Adobe and Affinity if you need to. Affinity Trinity can handle the file formats connected to Adobes software (PSD, AI, PDF etc...).  On the other hand, Affinity does not support INDD, the specific format used in InDesign. Unfortunately, Adobes InDesign does not use an open standard format, but Affinity can open PDF files exported from InDesign and you can work with them just like they are INDD files, so there is a work-around even in the case of InDesign. All's well, that ends well.

How to get it

Students: Affinity

Employees: Read more about Affinity on KI's list of software licenses

Erik Svallingson

Librarian with a background in both nursing and graphic design and a keen interest in scientific visualization.