Browzine Web

The journal app Browzine was introduced at the Karolinska Institutet University Library three years ago. Browzine enables you to read, browse and keep track of our library journals. You can also export articles from it to Zotero, Dropbox, open them in Mendeley, Endnote, Good Reader or Notability. All material is available offline once you have downloaded it to Browzine.

Browzine used to be an app for tablets only, then for smartphones and now you can also use the desktop version Browzine Web.

You can create your own bookshelf in Browzine Web and create alerts for newly added articles. If you already have a Browzine account through your smartphone or tablet, you can sign in to Browzine Web using the same login credentials. In the near future all information will be synced between your devices and the desktop version. Read more about “My Bookshelf”.

Soon, you will also be able to use the “Reading List” function where you can create and share course lists and articles with your fellow students or colleagues. Read more about "Reading Lists".

You can find Browzine Web in the library database list.

Matilda Svensson