Courses & workshops

KIB is organising a number of courses and workshops on various topics and for different target groups. If you keep an eye on our calendar you'll see when and where the different courses are held. On this page we have gathered recurrent courses to provide an overview, and also to provide information to you as a teacher about what courses can be ordered for students.

For doctoral students and researchers

During the semester KIB offers workshops open to all doctoral students and researchers at KI. The workshops are designed to help researchers to be as efficient and thorough as possible. Check the Calendar for time, place and to register.

Read more about the workshops or order a workshop

For students

The library and Academic Writing Support offers an open workshop series designed to help students enrolled in international Master’s programs get the most out of their studies at KI. The series includes a number of topics related to academic communication. 

Check the Calendar for time, place and to register.

Read more about the workshops

Courses for students at the undergraduate and graduate level

The library offers lectures and workshops on academic writing and information literacy for students at KI. 

If you are a teacher you can order a course for your students. To order a course in searching for information for your students, please turn to the contact persons for different programmes

To order a course in academic writing, please turn to Academic Writing Support.

Order a course

KIB organises courses on assignment, both internally and externally. They are implemented by agreement with the client. If you want to order a workshop for doctoral students and researchers, please use the order form instead.


Specify when ordering:

  • What course you want to order
  • Subject and level
  • Number of participants
  • Requests for time and date of the course
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