What is ORCID and why should I get one?

ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) is a unique international researcher ID. The point of such an ID is for example to make it possible to distinguish two researchers with the same name from each other, and to find all the publications from one person even if the name is not written exactly the same on all articles.

ORCID is founded by initiative of universities, individual resesarchers, research grant instances and journals. It may be of use when you submit a paper or apply for a grant and need to identify yourself or possibly populate electronic forms with data from your ORCID profile. In Sweden the research council have announced that ORCID will be used in the application process for grants from 2014 and forward, Nature Publishing Group and Elsevier have already begun to use ORCID in some of their routines.

You may add a biography or add a publication list to your ORCID profile. The primary goal of ORCID is however not to gather information about researchers but to provide a registry of unique researcher IDs that other services can use in order to minimize research administration.

An ORCID of your own may in the future give you a simpler work flow when applying for grants or sending manuscripts to publishers.

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